Five More TEFL Blogs To Check Out

I regularly come across interesting blogs, and sometimes bookmark them with the hope of making a post about one of the relevant topics. Sometimes it takes me a while to get around to that, so here are some I’ve come across recently:

TEFL Wanderer has just taken a job as a DoS. I came across this blog because he linked to the TEFL Logue and initially there was a fun series of his own whiteboard works of art with a “Can you guess what this is?” theme. More in-depth content about the life of a Dos follows.

Quiet Chaos is living and teaching in Costa Rica and has a good mix of classroom and day to day life posts. Its author is a regular contributor to the Costa Rica Classroom blog, and I came into contact with his insightful post about adapting to the local culture rather than expecting it to adapt to you.

Tdol is the blog of the Site Editor at Using and recently made a post about the Simplified Spelling Society, which I had hoped to link to and then though I had lost. Alas – I had not! Blog entries cover a wide range of topics relevant to EFL teachers.

I’m not sure where I found ESL Adventures but it features stories and insights from a kids’ teacher in Korea, including at least a couple of fun excursions.

metaTESOL is a new kid on the block concerning the blog’s age, but its author brings quite a bit of experience to the table, which is evident from the first round of posts. Stay tuned for more here.

Here’s a comment which could usually only be made in the blogosphere: to any of these bloggers, I apologize in advance if I’ve got your gender wrong! It’s not always clear from some blogs, and as blogging and web things seem to be more “guy stuff”, I probably tend to assume the author is male if I can’t tell.

In any case, do check out these blogs and bloggers, feel free to correct me here!