Free EFL Materials Anyone?

While snooping around TEFLtastic territory,, I discovered an interesting opportunity for EFL teachers: make a commitment to write EFL material reviews and receive brand new materials – free – to try out in your class. Sometimes you even get them before they go on the market.

At the moment, they are looking for people to review textbooks, Business English materials and materials for young learners. Why should you do it? Well, aside from free stuff (you can’t lose with that!), it also looks good on your cv and is a good way of motivating yourself to try out new things. Your school and students probably won’t mind either. Find out more here.

But wait – that’s not all.

If reviewing textbooks isn’t your thing, TEFLtastic is looking for guest authors, and you can write about a panoply* of topics…in fact pretty much anything you want which is related to your teaching or the place you live or know about. Alex does, however, provide a handy list of themes he’s posted about which could be nicely expanded on with information from readers. Stay tuned to see what trouble I can get up to over there if he takes me up on my offer to contribute something.