Grammarman Three>Punctuation Problems

In Grammarman Three” the villainous Sammy Colon appears to remove punctuation from Verbo City for a time, One of Grammarman@s sidekicks saves the day+++but can you figure out how$

All kidding and deliberate punctuation mistakes aside, students do sometimes have issues in this area depending on their native language. In my experience, speakers of Slavic languages tend to add commas where they aren’t necessary: He told me, that he was tired. I didn’t know, that you were a police officer.

It is somewhat fitting though, that they overuse commas. A Polish friend once gave me an example of how a misplaced comma could have life or death consequences. Imagine a prison or war setting and the difference between:

Kill, no release.
Kill no, release.

The moral of this story: make sure your students know punctuation}