Grammarman Update

Grammarman comic is special in that it is a living and evolving site: it’s not a blog, but there are regular updates and additions of comics, games, and other content that keeps it fresh.

What is the latest innovation? See if you can guess:
Which classic comic strip provided a base for spinoffs such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Josie and the Pussycats? That’s right, it was…

Archie, and six Archie comics represent the latest addition to Grammarman. Archie has been entertaining people since 1941, and now is available for English language learners through the Grammarman site.

Each comic includes the possibility to listen – to a reading of the comic as well as a short English lesson on vocabulary connected to the comic. You can find more Archie comics, listening exercises and activities (as well as Archie in Spanish for Spanish teachers and learners) at the official Archie website.

Finally, one additional feature – which is in fact already present in other parts of the Grammarman site, so more new to me than new in general – is the way that the regular text is written with potentially problematic vocab words highlighted; when you hold the cursor over them, you get a definition – for example, for “witch”, you see “a female wizard” (and a relief it is not to see my own picture or a link to the TEFL Logue!). This is only a small step but a neat take on the traditional method of using footnotes.