Interview With Grammarman Creator Brian Boyd Part 2

ep2thumb1.gifBrian Boyd says he attributes the general attraction of adults to comics such as Grammarman as a form of nostalgia. As an English teacher, I can vouch that it’s just fun to see grammar heroes and villans (and to see if I can find the mistakes which Boyd slips into the text!). Boyd also notes the storytelling techniques which are unique to comics – like showing what someone is thinking the same time as what he is saying.

Promoting Grammarman has had its ups and downs: one low point was when an offer to produce an entire Grammarman textbook fell through after a substantial build up. And needless to say, creating a weekly comic strip on top of a a full teaching load can get time-consuming. But Boyd is managing, and doing quite well from the looks of things. He cites three things as important to continued success, in both TEFL and other endeavors like Grammarman: staying fresh, maintaining a passion for what you are doing, and having a patient girlfriend. I see a bright future for the grammar hero – and once more, TEFL Logue readers, take note: you can say you met Grammarman before he replaced Headway!

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