Laptops In The EFL Classroom?

9834_large1.jpgAre laptops in the EFL classroom a feature of the future? Maybe not any more. Intel has just unveiled this thing for “emerging markets” and it’s called Eduwise. It’s small – with a seven-inch display – but neat; it runs on Windows XP and has software which disables it if it goes “on holiday” from the classroom for too long.

If the height of technology in your TEFL classroom consists a cassette player with a digital counter and a broken OHP which doubles as a table, a laptop and not to mention an Internet connection might seem a bit far-fetched…but the $400 price tag on this machine may make it a viable option, even if only in small quantities, for language schools.

Having access to computers and/or Internet in classes can improve your life as the teacher too: not only will students be able to use educational software to practice what they need individually, but they can also research a project/find trivia questions/search for English news/play Tetris online during class.

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