Back in September I alerted TEFL Logue readers to, which I think is a great resource; here’s a brief update on what’s new.

A couple of the latest additions include advice on teaching with film – both some “don’t”s (show Pulp Fiction and/or Basic Instinct, use the film only as an extended listening) and and “do”s (one idea is to show it with local language dubbing, get students to write English captions and compare with the real ones). There is also a lesson on online security, available in three levels, with the story of one “fraudster” and how he did it. And if the Spotlight on The Czech Republic didn’t do it for you, get another teacher’s report on Small Town Czech.

The funny anecdote section is still going strong, and there is an ongoing request for submissions. So if you’ve got a classic funny story, put pen to paper (or hands to keyboard) and get started: if yours is chosen for publication you will receive a book prize. There are also interactive games for younger learners.

Last but not least, there is a new section – new to me at least – called methodology debates. You can read the thoughts of three experienced EFL personalities on “Is it possible to teach grammar?”, “Are you a teacher of the future? ” and “The end of reading.” I enjoyed these and found quite a bit to comment on – so come back for the TEFL Logue commentary in the future!