Online Resource: ESL Base

The nice-looking and colorful ESL Base has a lot to offer for potential and current English language teachers.

Many people will head straight for the job boards, which are organized by date and come from locations as diverse as Ecuador, Korea, Serbia and the UK. There are also, quite predictably, sections on TEFL courses arranged by country and on worksheets and activities which can be used in class, though you do have to register to get access to some of these.

A few of the more unique features include a section devoted to arranging language exchange via Skype between native speakers of English and native speakers of several other languages.

You can also find lists of websites of language schools in several countries – these lists are by no means exhaustive and the site doesn’t endorse them in any way, but it’s a good place to start. The forums/chat section is still developing and holds promise for the future, as do the teachers’ advice and travel information sections – some countries are well-covered, others not so much yet.

There is a five-part guide to getting started in TEFL which is reasonable and informative as well as a section on grammar with examples and brief explanations of rules.

The verdict: bookmark this site, add your two cents if you can by contributing ideas or activities, and keep coming back to see it grow in the future.