Online Resource:

Out of ideas? In a hurry? is probably the answer.

The site’s main appeal is probably the huge number of lesson plans it makes available. They are printable (and of course photocopiable) and more or less ready to go, often in the form of worksheets. Lesson plans are organized by skill area – reading, grammar, speaking, etc. – and often one activity has been adapted for two or three levels. Some are even based on adapted articles from the Guardian Weekly, such as “Afghan Airlines”, “Bill Gates’ HIV Donation”, “France to Ban Pupils’ Religious Dress”, and “Global Warming.”

The site also has a small job board and career advice section, articles on methodology and the like, and , in the Magazine section, a collections of teachers’ stories (TEFL in particular countries, embarrassing stories, weird students). Additional lesson plans, apparently ten times the number available on the main site for un-registered members, and features are available in the “Staff Room”, which you can join for about $50 a year. The only disadvantage of this site is the fact that there is so much there it can take time to navigate.