Online Resource: bills itself “the world’s most popular source of international ELT (English language teaching) jobs” and job vacancies are posted daily on the site by any number of the more than 11,000 registered employers.

You can search for jobs by region, country, and type of position. Job posts may be renewed but will not appear twice, and while renewing pushes a post to the top of the list, first-time posts are marked “new today.”

To apply to a job via the site,

you need to create an online resume, which takes time, even if you don’t have teaching experience of your own. The benefit is that once this is done, you can reply to any job posted on the site in one step, and employers can also review your resume if you choose to allow them to. After a set number of days, you receive an email asking you to update your resume or it will be deleted. Do it. It takes a long time to redo the thing if you don’t update it and have to start from scratch, and you can indicate that you are not currently looking for work if you have a job for the year and still keep your online resume active.

Some of the additional features are only available to members (though there is a shortcut where you just provide your name and email) and include a city cost guide, a TEFL course comparison section, and some career profiles.