Teaching Abroad Guide on Traveler’s Toolkit from BootsnAll

For many people, making the decision to work as a teacher in another country isn’t an easy thing. Sure, there are definite perks to doing it – experiencing another culture and maybe even getting paid to do it – but as with most things, there’s a not-so-rosy side to teaching abroad that not everyone knows about before they sign up. So it’s not only good to research places where you can teach, but also hear from people who have gone before you to see what their experiences have been. Toward that end, let us introduce you to the Teaching Abroad Guide on the newly renovated Traveler’s Toolkit from BootsnAll.

The Traveler’s Toolkit has been around for awhile, but it’s recently gotten a facelift and it’s much easier to navigate. Which is good, because it’s full of all kinds of great information that all travelers of any experience level can use. For those interested in teaching abroad in particular, the Teaching Abroad Guide has excellent articles detailing first-hand experiences from people who have done it. Their teaching gigs may not be exactly like the ones you are looking at, but it’s always good to hear from anyone who’s already done something you’re contemplating.

For instance, from the wise folks who’ve contributed to the Teaching Abroad Guide, you can learn how to choose your TEFL certification program (or whether you want to go with a certification program at all), find out about TEFL teaching from the teacher’s perspective (with one teacher’s breakdown of the two categories teachers fall into), and even read about one person’s experience teaching English illegally. There’s lots more to be found in the Teaching Abroad Guide, so click around and check it out – and if you’ve got great tips to share, you can contribute your own article, too!