TEFL Logue Review: EFL Geek

I don’t know how it has happened, but somehow, EFL Geek slipped under the TEFL Logue radar. I believe I have mentioned the blog once or twice, (in fact I know I confused it with Geek In Korea once – different blog!), and even received comments from EFL Geek himself, but this is the post where the TEFL Logue says: cool site, sorry for not paying better attention, EFL Geek!

I must admit what drew my attention first was not his post about English Teacher, the movie, but his theme song choice. Here’s the question of the day: if you had a theme song, what would it be? The jury is out on mine but I promise to report back when I find a good one.

Weird Al aside, the posts run the gamut from amusing (see above) to thoughtful (English nicknames for students) to practical (life in Korea). You can get a good feel for the variety by having a look through the classic posts yourself.

Also available are forums and a wiki.

I learned from the bio that EFL Geek has been in Korea for a number of years, and made the transition from working at an owned-by-the-devil kids’ hagwon to the EFL teacher’s near-dream job of a university. I also learned that this and I have something very important in common: a fixation on coffee. Accodingly, I especially enjoyed the post where he mentions holding oral final exams in a Starbucks.

Check out the site for yourself and bookmark it.