TEFL Logue Review: TEFL Blog at ESL Base

New features at ESL Base (which the TEFL Logue first reviewed here) keep coming: this resource now also includes a TEFL Blog. In the TEFL Blog, you can read about EFL/ESL news stories, like Is Email A Menace To The English Language?, ESL To Go, and Intensive TEFL Courses, Bad For The Health?

One nice feature of the TEFL blog is that each article gets at least a couple of reader comments, so you can see what others think.

Another new and improved feature – at least one I didn’t catch it the first time – is the TEFL Friends section, where you can locate former colleagues and friends.

You just choose the city and school where you worked and then enter your email. If your colleagues are already there, you can contact them; otherwise, they’ll find you when they go looking.

And as before, the site features job boards, forums and resources.

One final TEFL blog post that caught my eye: Would You Teach In Iraq? Hmm..the TEFL Logue does like adventure…