TEFL Logue Review: The Daily Kimchi

The Daily Kimchi was one of the first TEFL blogs I bookmarked, and I’ve enjoyed keeping up with it since. It’s maintained by Gdog, a techno savvy Canadian who has been teaching in Seoul, Korea, since September.

One of the things I like about the Daily Kimchi is that it’s funny and the posts (on topics from students making fun of him to fusion omelettes) appeal to a general audience, but more than that, it’s a look into the life of someone who is working hard but still appreciating all the local culture has to offer. I don’t have personal experience in Korea – or much experience teaching kids – but it’s not hard to believe that both of these have their own sets of stresses. However, the Daily Kimchi maintains a positive and fun character and at the same time, from what Gdog does include about his classes and work, it’s clear that he takes the work seriously and cares about his students.

If you haven’t guessed from the title and have yet to even glance at the site, I’ll let you know that Gdog takes a particular interest in what Korea has to offer in the culinary sense. In other words: he likes to eat. Some of my favorite posts about food include this one regarding his innovative method of making croutons from breadsticks (check out the comments to see how it inspired me!), one about sushi in Korea, and the YouTube video of a woman eating live octopus.

And AHEM, someone promised here that the TEFL Logue would get an exclusive when Gdog himself eats live octopus. It was also fun for me that the Daily Kimchi participated in the bloggers version of tag.

So if you haven’t done so, go check out the Daily Kimchi and be on the lookout for a TEFL Logue interview with Gdog.