TEFL Travel Gear

TEFL may not seem like a field that requires a great deal of travel gear, but believe me, the right piece of gear can make your life about a hundred times easier.

If you wrestle with the laptop or not debate and decide to tote yours along, you have to find a good way to carry it. One possibility if you’re a fashion-conscious woman would be these cool bags. If you like the backpack look, go for this deal, and if you can’t be without a wheelie suitcase, try this. Have you arrived at your new school-provided flat to find no desk or table top? All you need is the Belkin cushtop laptop pillow.

If you plan on taking any pictures at all, invest in this funky tripod. Heck, I’d buy it just to have it around the house to look at. And once you start taking pictures, you’re going to need to think about digital storage options. And how about a credit-card sized USB drive with a picture of the Mona Lisa on it to show that you know your art?

That’s not all. Imagine your Eastern European washing machine malfunctions and blows a fuse…how are you going to charge your cell phone? Not a problem at all if you have cell-phone charging shoes. It’s Monday and Russia has turned off the heating gas to the country you’re living in because it’s so far behind on its bill? No worries, just make sure you know where your Integral Designs Hot Socks are (and as they are also called booties perhaps these people should buy some or receive them as member appreciation gifts?)

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