Top 10: TEFL Sites

…after the TEFL Logue, that is:

1. Dave’s ESL Café: come here for some of the busiest job boards and most active teacher message boards on the net.

2. find ready-to-go lesson plans and read funny teacher anecdotes in the Magazine section.

3. check out another of the largest listing of jobs online and tools for comparing tefl courses.

4. Breaking News English: gain access to over 700 lessons here, all based around current news events and including a reading, vocabulary and discussion questions, and an MP3 listening you can download.

5. ESL base: look here for grammar explanations as well as classroom activities and job listings.

6. Transitions Abroad: read overviews on the TEFL outlook for several specific countries as well as articles on a variety of topics by people who have been there and done that.

7. British Council: find advice on training, classroom activities, and exams here.

8. TEFL Daddy: stock up on advice here if you are a TEFL newbie, especially if you’re looking towards Korea…courtesy of EFL teacher TedKarma, who also happens to be a guest writer at the TEFL Logue.

9. English Droid: get a healthy dose of cynicism here – for experienced TEFL-ers only! It makes you cringe but at the same time…it’s so true.

10. Tesall: get lost in hundreds of links, tefl news, and forums for teachers.

Check in tomorrow for the Top 10: TEFL Blogs.