Thanksgiving At The TEFL Logue

thanksgiving1.jpgI’m happy to report that my own Thanksgiving will be a two-day affair. Today was an excellent dinner with a small group of Americans who probably don’t realize just how positive an impact they’ve had on my time here so far. Through personal dramas and the general frustrations of moving abroad, this small group of diverse yet similarly well-travelled people has pretty much rocked.

Tomorrow will be a test of personal cooking endurance as I attempt to play hostess to a small group of people at my own place, from no less than three different countries. I can’t wait. Stay tuned to see how this drama unfolds.

And yes, I’m going to put on my tacky hat and take this opportunity to share what I’m thankful for. Friends, family and health are givens. Less obvious may be these:

I’m thankful that I have the opportunity to share my ideas and hone my writing skills at the TEFL Logue. I have readers from my own country, as well as from Mexico to Chile to the UK to Turkey to Iran to Myanmar to Thailand to Japan. People I don’t know (and a few I do) have left comments and so far no one has said that I’m stupid or obnoxious or anything like that. I’m thankful that people find this logue useful enough to read and sometimes even link to. Also thanks to the people who have taken their own time to make a contribution to the content, whether it be through making guest posts or doing an email or Skype interview.

I’m also thankful for the support I get from the behind-the-scenes team at Bootsnall and elsewhere. And believe me, it takes a team to help someone like me do something like this logue. The assistance I’ve received ranges from people answering literally endless “What if?” question to dealing politely with a stream of clever one-liners like “If I delete a post, is it gone forever?” and “I’ve probably uninstalled my audio driver and have no idea how to get it back.” (thanks for your help on that one, Dad!)

Part of me would very much like to include names in this post, but my cautious half realizes that I’m likely to leave someone out, which isn’t cool. So I’ll leave it at that: to everyone who has helped make the TEFL Logue possible, thank you.

And Happy Thanksgiving.