A TEFL Logue Visitor

100_0910-2.jpgSome of my more intrepid readers might have noticed that on Saturday, I broke my TEFL Logue New Year’s Resolution to make four posts a day. But I have a good reason: my cousin came to visit for two days, during a longer trip to Europe, and we were busy living it up in no less than two European capital cities.

We first of all confirmed that genes do play a role in personality by getting deeply involved in a conversation on “what’s the most disgusting story you know connected to food?” – just as our mothers’ side of the family seems to make a habit of doing – while tucking into our traditional Slovak dinner. One topic that came up was eating live octopus in Korea (see the fourth point down and do check out the YouTube video in the link!).

We compared notes on bureaucracy in Puerto Rico and Eastern Europe (Surprise! Not so different…), ate Slovak, Cuban, and Austrian food, exchanged ideas on different social issues and travel, and of course discussed men. We spent one day in my town, and the second in Vienna, where we enjoyed the international atmosphere, ate larger-than-life pieces of schnitzel, and checked out the nightlife with a couple of drinks on the premises of one very cool hotel. You can see us sans heads with the big pieces of schnitzel (hey, I gave my only pair of Groucho glasses to “Chester” – I’ve gotta guard my identity somehow!)

If you’re fortunate enough to have family members who travel, absolutely encourage them to visit you. It’s not just a free place to crash; even if you live in an unremarkable city, it will be fun to show them your stomping grounds.