Five Things You Didn’t Know About


There is an online game of tag going on, and the TEFL Logue is it, courtesy of Sue of An ELT Notebook.

Read on to find out five facts about me and then to see which five bloggers I tag. I’m quick on my feet, so watch out!

  • I was the quiet student who rarely spoke in classes through high school and parts of univesity, so it is a bit of a surprise to me and most people who know me that I’m an English teacher.
  • I only started drinking coffee in 2002. People would offer it to me in Bosnia, or my other drink of choice, Coca-Cola Light, wouldn’t be available, and so it began. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to sample many different kinds. Favorite Starbucks bean: Kenya. Favorite Starbucks diva drink:a double tall non fat cinnamon dolce latte.
  • I have no sense of direction whatsoever. I appreciate the opportunity that TEFL affords me to travel and also enjoy traveling solo. I understand maps but have trouble applying them to the three-dimensional world. Luckily I find asking for help an interesting way to interact with locals. It’s easy for me to turn off my “independent” switch for a while and literally follow someone around because I realize how clueless I am, but that only works for so long.
  • The first movie I saw in a theater was Peter Pan, when it was re-released when I was about 5. I ate lots of M+M’s and just lost it when the family locked the dog outside for the night. We had to leave because of this case of animal cruelty. Later, I threw up (because of the M+M’s, not the trauma of seeing animal cruelty, but who knows, maybe that played a role).
  • You know those psychological tests you find in English language text book, like the Headway Pre-Intermediate Dream Game, or Stephanie’s Story in Clockwise Upper Intermediate? I have used them for people I know and no longer believe in them. This doesn’t stop me from using them over and over though.
  • Okay, the five bloggers I tag are: Carrie at the Bootsnall Business Travel Logue (this girl is always on the go but never too busy to help out the TEFL Logue), Gdog at the Daily Kimchi, Guy Courchesne at This Guy Is Teaching Abroad, Rachel at Into Africa and EFL Geek in Korea. The rules are flexible and the purpose is fun, so if you’re not up for it… give me $10 and I’ll leave you alone. Enjoy!