Fringe Benefits Of TEFL, Part 2

Especially if you’re from North America, teaching abroad will almost definitely bring the world closer to you. You may not be making a bundle, but you’ll be so much nearer to places that it seems like a waste not to go. If you’re in Europe, check out two of the hottest world cities: Rome and London; the Bootsnall Travel Guide to London will give you a local’s insight to and also some tips for the budget conscious TEFL-er! One universal tip is, of course, to find hostels in your price range: check out some Rome hostels here. If you’re in Asia, maybe the Australia Travel Guide is more up your alley.

Also know that you may be eligible for an International Youth Travel Card if you are under 26, or a teacher discount card which can get you additional discounts to help support your teachers salary. Or, you can choose a place to travel that is less expensive than the country you work in and you’re set.

I have also mentioned before how much fun it is to have people visit you. And there is currently cause for celebration: the TEFL Logue’s cousin, who just happens to be a former Sapientis teacher in Puerto Rico, is coming to visit this weekend during a two week trip to Europe. I suspect she used cheap international plane tickets to find at least one of her flights and probably bought travel insurance from Bootsnall as well. I hope she did because I told her she couldn’t come if she didn’t! All kidding aside, no one from the TEFL Logue’s family has been to visit the TEFL Logue in her three plus years abroad…so this is an exciting first.