Interview With Thom Kiddle, DELTA Grad In Chile Part 2

“Obviously I knew I’d worked hard, but I still walked out of that final exam not knowing whether I’d passed or failed. I think that’s one of its advantages really, that you know you’re not being tested on your knowledge but your application of it. I challenge anyone who’s done the course to say they learnt nothing from it – I learnt a huge amount. Clearly the distance approach doesn’t suit everyone, but I was lucky to have a top flatmate and friend doing it at the same time, and lots of support at work. Financially and geographically it was just right for me at the time, but I’m sure someone who did a nine-week intensive could argue the other side just as well. Whoever you are, I think you have to be prepared to have your set-in-stone teaching principles challenged and to respond to that in a positive way – I remember crumbling completely (after five years teaching) in my second observed lesson on the orientation course – and considering binning the course and the job!”

He also comments further on the “stress element” of the DELTA.

“It was hard work and I was a different person doing it than I was before or after – but the let-off-steam moments were quite memorable during the nine months!

Now, and this is where I can’t recommend the DELTA enough, I am grateful for the doors it has opened…I know I wouldn’t have been offered either of my current positions without the DELTA and both have given me a chance to use pretty much everything I learnt/already knew!”

Finally, how about his South American location? As for Chile, he reports that it’s a great country to live in, and is one of the few South American countries which allow you to earn money “which actually counts outside the country.” He also notes that there is a very small pool of native English speakers…and says he’s “never sure after Thailand if that’s a good thing or not!” For some links to various Chile resources, have look at an older TEFL Logue Spotlight On Chile.

If you missed the beginning of Thom’s interview, find it in Part 1. I’d also like to extend another thank you to Thom for sharing his thoughts and experience here.