Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

exit-sign.jpgIt can be hard to decide – you’ve had an amazing experience and enjoyed the work, you’ve met some excellent people…you have no job or place of your own to live in at home yet. How can you decide what to do? Most people’s decisions will be a collage of different reasons, many of which are unique to the person or situation, but these are some typical reasons…

to go

  • You came for a year and have finished it – maybe you don’t have any desire to be a long-term expat.
  • You’re moving towards something else – perhaps school or another career at home (or maybe another EFL job!)
  • None of it or at least part of it is not “for you” – you realize that actually, you don’t love ___ food or the Headway Series after all…or you realize you like it well enough but a year has been enough.

to stay:

  • You like it and you’re good at it. Teaching, the lifestyle, the students, the food…it’s all good.
  • You’ve fallen in love with a local or another teacher who’s staying!
  • You just don’t feel done. You enjoy living abroad and realize going home for some time and then moving abroad again will take a gigantic amount of energy. You may also have realized that living abroad is not as hard as many think it is.