EFL Spring Break Dreams

So it’s only February 5, but you can see where my mind is: dreaming about picking up a Eurail pass, finding some discount hostels and air tickets, buying travel gear… well, okay, bargain travel gear maybe.

But now that I’m a poor EFL teacher instead of a poor university student, the days when I have a week off with no agenda except to have fun are long gone – or are they?

EFL teachers at public schools will probably be graced with a spring break of some kind, and even some language schools take time off for Easter in countries where that is a holiday. Japan has Golden Week at the beginning of May, Chinese New Year falls near the end of February these days, and in Korea…well, I think you just have to call in sick. Point being that even if you’re not in a country that celebrates Easter, you may well have some free time to kill.

Use the street smarts you’ve gained working abroad to find yourself some good deals for a cheap holiday. Also use the TEFL Logue’s links here to help. Couch surfing, WWOOF, and HelpExchange are a few additional ways to incorporate cultural exchange and low cost accommodation into your trip.