Start Your Own Bootsnall TEFL Blog

It’s that time of year, when soon-to-be CELT-oids, Trinity-kins, and others pack their bags and set off to embark on their TEFL adventures. What is waiting, you might ask? How can you know?

One way is to peruse some great TEFL blogs, specifically those I counted as the TEFL Logue’s Top 10 TEFL Blogs. You may also want to check out the blog rolls of other TEFL blogs you enjoy. If you’re noticing that many many blogs come from Asia, and many fewer come from pretty much everywhere else, have a look around expat – blog. Granted, these are the blogs of expats in general, and not specifically ESL teachers. Plenty of bloggers may have more financially-friendly jobs than your average TEFLer working outside Asia…but the blogs still offer valuable insight into day to day life abroad. And they are organized by location to boot.

What about Bootsnall? Bootsnall has more travel blogs than a normal person can handle. And if you tend to lose track of time and get wrapped up in the excitement of someone else’s trip? Forget it – cancel your plans and stay home to read some of these blogs.

And what about TEFL? If you’re going abroad to teach – or if you are already are – you too can start a Bootsnall blog. There’s no time like the present, so get moving! If you decide to become one of the cool kids and start a Bootsnall blog to chronicle your TEFL adventures…let me know with a comment here so I can see what you are up to.

Happy blogging!