TEFL And Techno Savvy?

pict04461.jpgMy name is Katie and I have a Walkman. Well, it stopped working in December but I’m hoping it will work again because I have a couple of cassettes I really won’t be able to listen to otherwise. It also helps me cue the Headway cassettes for my classes.

It has come to my attention though that I seem to be quite technologically behind – but I do have a sense that there are other EFL teachers like me out there because:

  • People who are down with all the latest technology don’t tend to go into TEFL.
  • Technology is often expensive, or not an absolute necessity, and a large section of EFL teachers don’t have a lot of disposable income.
  • Cool new gadgets aren’t always as widely available or available at the same relative price compared to income.
  • EFL teachers may be more likely to spend money on experiences – like further travel – than on things they’ll have to pack up and take with them.
  • When you’re not around people who are using it, it doesn’t seem so imperative to get it.
  • Dating a guy who knows how to use all that stuff is a disincentive to learning how to use it yourself…though it may end up leaving you in a lurch…later.

Okay, okay, some of these may be a bit skewed towards my own experience, but I still feel like I can’t be the only one. Anyone else out there who is similarly behind?