TEFL Logue New Years’ Resolutions

80741297_9a4b0cc0cf_m1.jpgI’d like to wish all the TEFL Logue readers – and others who have made this thing possible – a happy new year. Out with the old and in with the new! May your new year bring continued good health and happiness.

A friend once shared this New Year’s belief: “where you are” when the clock strikes midnight is “where you’ll be” for the rest of the year – in more than just the geographic sense. I must say this past year has brought me a number of surprising but ultimately good (at least so it seems so far!) changes, and I can only wonder what’s in store for 2007. But if it’s more of “where I am” now, I’m up for it. I hope it is the same for you.

In that vane, I’d like to make public some of the TEFL Logue’s New Years’ Resolutions (I’ve heard this is one trick to keeping them!):

  • To keep my readers busy with not three but four posts a day…for the month of January, that is 🙂
  • To continue and expand on some ongoing post themes like Emerging Trends, Top 10 Lists, Volunteer Opportunities, Regional Overviews, and Working For A Chain.
  • To refine and keep updated the Table of Contents for the In The Classroom and Finding A Job sections.
  • And finally, to continue finding and sharing awesome TEFL blogs and sites.

Once again, thank you to my readers, fellow bloggers and other EFL people. If you have any additional comments on possible TEFL Logue resolutions – please let me know!

Happy New Year from the TEFL Logue.