TEFL Mystery #3: The Elusive Reward Resource Pack

I believe there are five separate books of resources in this superb series, from Starter to Upper Intermediate. I like that many are games (or at least have some competitive or fun yet still communicative component) and while they often require some cutting or advance thought on examples to use, most activities are also low-prep.

The mystery of this is that while I have used these resources periodically since I started teaching in 2002, I saw an original book only this year. These are photocopiable resources, so teachers and schools tend to photocopy and share them. The copies I used in Sarajevo originated at the British Council there, and the ones I used in Chicago had come via a teacher who’d worked in Indonesia.

If you look online, it’s hard to find these books to order. It just strikes me as odd that what is arguably the best resource book in efl is so hard to track down – and makes me wonder why.

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Now that you’ve voted, check this out:

they are available online, and for 25 Pounds each only! Highly recommended. There are even downloadable support materials available. Be on the lookout for a TEFL Logue review of the Reward Series.

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