TEFL Mystery #5: Where Are The Americans?

a_133usa-floor-puzzle1.jpgI was recently contemplating whether it was okay to make a joke about Canadian bloggers taking over the web (sorry if that offends any Canadian bloggers) and then it struck me that I don’t seem to come across many American EFL bloggers. Maybe they’ve just looked at the TEFL Logue post count and said okay, Katie’s got us covered, we don’t need to blog. She’s apparently got the time and energy.

All kidding aside, given the population…it does seem notable. Of course all of the Peace Corps bloggers are American, and there are certainly English language teachers working at home in the US, but it would be interesting for me to see some statistics on this. Unfortunately I don’t envision making a post entitled Emerging Trend: Demand For ELT Demographic Statistics Goes Through The Roof, so here is a Visu poll.

And a friendly note on the polls: readers, will you please vote? I can’t nominate you from here as I would in a class. I got the most votes in the second TEFL Mystery post, but sadly only two votes here (and one of them was probably my dad feeling sorry for me; I make my parents read the TEFL Logue but I don’t let them comment. Thanks, Dad, if it was you).

So if you’re an ELT, EFL, ESL, etc. teacher, select your country. If you feel the options don’t fit your situation, vote anyway and then leave a comment. Thank you!