TEFL Retirement

I will be entering early blogging retirement…as of this post. The TEFL Logue itself will remain here, but I will no longer be posting.

I’m not out of ideas. I still enjoy writing and have a lot to say about TEFL, but there comes a point in many pursuits where the cons just outweigh the pros. I have written a lot here – just over 1000 posts and 7 “pages” (see above) in about 17 months. My experience and knowledge are not that extensive, but I’ve worked hard to make posts that I felt were more than just words filling web space.

Writing and blogging are both pretty solitary, and I have especially appreciated comments from readers. Thanks. To those who have provided links to and positive feedback on my work: thanks to you too! More valuable to me than traffic is the knowledge that others I “know” from the blogosphere and respect find my work here worthwhile enough to read.

To all those of you with blogs – I know where to find you! Others can of course leave a comment here if they’d like to get in touch, or email me. I would certainly be happy to check in here every once in a while if anyone has left a question specifically for me.

It’s been nice sharing the blogosphere with you!