Top 10: Funky Facts About My Accommodation

luxury-villa-living-room21.jpgYou never know what you are going to get when someone else arranges accommodation for you. Mostly, it is a huge weight off your own shoulders: you don’t have to search for yourself and deal with cultural and language barriers (not to mention a lack of local credit). It will also usually save you money.

Here are a few things that give my current accommodation…um…character.

1. Carpet in the kitchen. Green.

2. A doorbell which plays a well-known nursery rhyme song. No, I’m not going to ring it to remind myself which one.

3. An outer locking door in front of my door and my neighbors’ door…meaning a) my doorbell is accessible only to my neighbor and b) it is theoretically possible to lock myself between my apartment and the outer door…because I need my keys to open the outer door, but not to lock my door.

4. Five armoires in the living room/bedroom area.

5. A mini fridge with a room of its own.

6. An angry washing machine which doesn’t work.

7. Brown and tan plastic shelves up on the walls.

8. Two red armchairs (one of which needed to be moved into the kitchen to facilitate Internet use – don’t ask) and one red couch.

9. Two white goat-skin rugs.

10. A long balcony with an amazing view of what is probably the most dangerous intersection in the city.

But I love the place. (Just to clarify: not my place in the photo! That would be a luxury villa living room.)

I can’t be the only one with a slightly odd home. Have you got anything that can compete? Let me know here.