Top 5: Gifts For EFL Teachers To Send Home

00gift021.jpgOn a tight budget and wondering what cool gifts to send home to your family? Look no further:

1. Some unique local food, obviously non-perishable. One of my neatest gifts, if I don’t say so myself, was the year I bought about fifty packets of Cevapcici seasoning in Sarajevo and gave it out with the recipe for this awesome food written on the back of a Sarajevo postcard. It’s cheap and delicious. What’s not to love? If you’re in Korea, something tells me Gdog at The Daily Kimchi will have ideas on some of the more unique and once again delicious foods to share.

2. A guidebook with personalized recommendations. You have to know the country well to do this, of course, and a good guidebook is a bit of an investment for many EFL teachers. I’ve done this once and it was a great time writing and then sticking some post-it notes with quotes, anecdotes or comments in the Bradt’s Bosnia.

3. Some local specialty product – it could be something decorative or for daily use, but ideally something small for easier posting. Stuff that old ladies make and sell is nice – scarves or tableclothes or slippers seem to find their way to every corner of the world. Try to find something that originates where you are. This could also involve making a CD of local traditional and pop music.

4. An E-photo collection – take the time to organize some photos (and that’s SOME, not every last one) into neat collections with captions on Flickr or a similar service. If you can add a few personal stories or a description of a local custom, habit or legend, go for it. Consider starting a Bootsnall Blog first to share your photos and experience and then to allow friends and family to keep up with you.

5. Tacky souvenirs – they’re out there for a reason. Don’t go overboard, but plenty of people are okay with getting a T-shirt or keyring or snowglobe or shot glass with the name of your city. One of my biggest hits at home was a Fat Mo’s T-Shirt from Budapest for my dad.