Top 5: Tips For Getting Over A Bad Day In TEFL

bd111.jpgMaybe the lesson you invested too much time in bombed. Perhaps you got flustered or were unprepared for class because the copy machine got jammed, or maybe you have issues with something at home like your washing machine. Whatever you do, don’t let it get you down.

1. Visit English Droid. This is good for any number of laughs, especially if you are an experienced EFL teacher.

2. Remind yourself that everyone has bad days…but you got to experience yours in the exotic locale where you are working.

3. Try to be constructive about it if it was a lesson that got you down: What went wrong? What would you change? Was there anything out of your control that would have made a difference? Be honest but fair with yourself, and once you’ve answered these questions, move on.

4. Distract yourself. There are few things that a meal with friends and a glass or four of wine can’t fix.

5. Talk to someone at home with Skype, or better yet set up a Bootsnall blog so loved ones can follow your adventure…but try not to dwell on your bad day. I once read that happy people don’t dwell on their problems, and as hard as it can be to live that, it sure is worth a try.