What’s Great About Returning Home Post-TEFL?

kido_3.jpgYour family. Your friends. Your dog. Your own bed. Television commercials you can understand.

When I am back home, it is amazing how easy so many tasks seem. If I need some specialty part for something in my kitchen, I just go to the store and explain. Or better yet, I call the store and not only do they understand me perfectly, they can actually tell me if they have what I want and then set it aside for me. (Sure, some things are harder, such as, say, earning a decent living, but these day to day tasks are a breeze).

Being abroad, I miss the easy interaction with people. I’m a good communicator, and can ask the friendly kiosk lady here for help and show my appreciation when she goes above and beyond to give me directions. But there is no substitute for being able to share a short laugh about something that you don’t have to explain.

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