What’s That Thing In Bread That Grows?

boza.jpgI don’t need to know what that is before I eat it. From time to time I even accept the five second rule.

Food and drink are some of the most accessible “new things to try” while living abroad. 99% of the time, it is a great experience. But it’s that other 1% that is sometimes the most memorable.

I made my memory when a local supervisor took me along to a sweet shop, on the way describing a drink she wanted me to try. Sometimes, she told me, she brought a thermos of it with her family on picnics. It was good for your health and tasted good too. I was ready.

I saw it before I got my cup full and grew apprehensive. What was in it, I wondered aloud. Sugar, water, and… “what is that in bread? That thing that grows?” she asked. “Oh, that.” I said. “Yeast.” [Looking at Wikipedia, it seems like it is “just” fermented wheat or something with sugar, but she definitely said it had that thing in bread that grows…and if that’s not yeast, I don’t know what is!]

I sat down with my full glass of boza. She was enthusiastically drinking hers. I felt like I could smell the yeast in mine. What could I do, scrunch my nose up and tell her I thought it was gross? Suddenly “remember” that I had a yeast allergy? That I was in fact diabetic? There was nothing to do except drink up. Which is what I did.

I have to admit I was already a little under the weather, but I feel sure that this drink contributed to the subsequent downturn of my health. I was affected by it – I won’t go into detail exactly how – for about three days.

Life goes on. I lived and my stomach may even be better off for it. Now I know not to drink boza. I do wish I had a really good stock excuse though…any ideas, or any other odd food experiences?