CELTA Survival Tips

survivor-logo.jpgI recently came across a post with some useful tips designed for those about to embark on the CELTA or other TEFL course. I’m no CELTA trainer, so take my advice with a grain of salt (perhaps a larger grain of salt because I have taken the course at least) but I’d add this:

Really be willing to try and take into account the feedback and instruction you get during the course; even if it seems somewhat counter-intuitive, don’t be resistant because it’s not what your language teacher did in high school at home. Put more simply, listen to the feedback on your performance and do what the trainers say. It’s a training course.

The tips about asking questions and devoting enough time to the course are good. In my experience though, you won’t be pressed to recall some list of things they teach you, but to put them into practice. For me this might have been the most noticeable difference between, say, much of my university coursework and the CELTA. If you don’t plan on taking notes or reading the materials, you won’t get very far, of course, but don’t assume that’s the bulk of it.

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