Cool Feature of LanguageCorps No. 2

Like any good EFL teacher, I keep the questions coming. In this case, they are questions to Jed Willard, one of the founding partners of LanguageCorps, which is the sponsor of the TEFL Logue. To his credit, he provides full answers and has not been worn down by my interrogation-style questions yet.

“Can you tell me more about the Language and Cultural Awareness training which is a part of LanguageCorps’ flagship program?”

Basically, this element consists of 20-30 hours of language training and 10-20 hours of cultural training.

The language training of course varies by country and to some extent, by each participant’s background and training to date. Aside from giving the linguistic framework to cope with day to day activities politely and efficiently, participants gain the perspective of a language learner which can only help in their impending teaching. Additionally, LanguageCorps escorts participants on different excursions (no less than four in the Vietnam program) during the TEFL training, providing the perfect opportunity to practice the newly acquired language and of course, see the host country.

The cultural training is much as it sounds. Participants learn about the local culture – how to be polite, how to fit in, and how to avoid making faux pas.

For more information, visit the LanguageCorps site or contact a staff member today.