Cool Feature Of LanguageCorps No.3

adpeeps1.jpgIn addition to Cool Feature No. 2 (the Corps Advocate) and No. 1 (Language and Cultural Awareness Training), LanguageCorps also provides assistance on returning home, more formally known as the Re-Entry Package. Part of this consists of the thirty-page Re-Entry Guide, which has a wealth of information on graduate degree programs (as well as returned LanguageCorps teacher scholarships), finding jobs and applying skills learned through teaching in both the corporate and public sectors, and defining and explaining your experience in interviews and applications. Finally, there is advice on crafting your resume or c.v., as well as on reference gathering.

One of the topics which Jed Willard spoke at length about during my Skype interview with him was the challenge of returning home. As any EFL teacher – LanguageCorps or otherwise – can confirm, it can be hard to jump back into the life you took a pause from for a year or more. Everyone changes throughout life, but these changes are perhaps less noticeable when you are with others all the time. It can be a bit of a shock to return home after a year or more and realize that you (or people at home) have changed in your view of your own role in the world, practical habits or long-term goals. I don’t think any written guide is going to solve this issue completely, but LC’s re-entry package provides additional insight into this phenomena – and it can be extremely reassuring to know that you are not alone.

If you have additional questions or comments, please visit the LanguageCorps website – which goes into great detail about what their package includes – or contact a staff member. You can also check out my interview with LanguageCorps EFL teacher Anna, teaching in Oaxaca, Mexico, or just go ahead and apply now.