Interview With Hilal, A Recent CELTA Graduate In Istanbul (Part 2)

Hilal reports how the CELTA has changed her outlook on teaching:
“When I was in university, I would always wonder “when is this class going to end?” However, the CELTA helped me realise that the world is changing and that the classical teaching style is now history. Classes have become student oriented and teaching students has its variety of methods.”

What advice does she have for people thinking about doing a TEFL course?

“…if the desire is from deep down inside of you, then don’t hesitate. However, if it is because you want to add another fancy certificate to your collection, I suggest you think twice. Teaching is a very serious duty.” Once you are already in the course, consider the five golden rules for the CELTA Hilal posted on the tefl training diary.

…and for people who are thinking about teaching without any qualifications or course?
“How would you feel if you were in an airplane with a non-qualified pilot? Courses like the CELTA, not only give you the qualification you need, but also teach you how to fly airplanes.”

Hilal reports that there are plenty of opportunities for teaching English in Turkey, and most of the language schools accept applicants with the CELTA – she has set her sights at the university level and has applied to a university in Istanbul. She says the most valuable thing she’s gained from her course is confidence. “When you have a map in your hand, directions are easy. CELTA gave me that map. I don’t think I will ever get lost again!”

A big “tessekul ederim” to Hilal for doing this interview with the TEFL Logue. If you missed Part 1 of this interview, find it here, and this is Hilal’s ESL Base TEFL Course Diary Blog.