Introducing Language Corps

adpeeps1.jpgI’m happy to introduce the first TEFL Logue sponsor, Language Corps, which offers TEFL training, job placement and assistance in a myriad of locations.

As readers may have noticed, I don’t get too concerned about being long-winded…so don’t worry, there will be further commentary on Language Corps and more on what’s cool and unique about it. I’d like to use this opportunity, though, to outline the basics and share my initial impressions.

In short, Language Corps offers TEFL training which includes teaching practice and results in an internationally recognized TEFL certificate. There is often the option of guaranteed job placement and other assistance as well. The variety of locations and course dates as well as the possibility to pay for what you want (a volunteer experience, job placement, or the training only), when and where you want it is something I see as a great advantage.

Also notable is that Language Corps makes an effort to contribute to the local community; in some countries, such as Thailand and Vietnam, the students in the teaching practice courses – who receive free instruction – are employees of local organizations such as hospitals, police stations or orphanages. There are also several volunteer options, such as those in Vietnam and Cambodia, which you do pay for but which offer an introductory TEFL course, ground support, and most of all the possibility to use your native language to impact the lives of others.

There are several teacher accounts which detail what I imagine is the full range of experiences: the awesome, the run-of-the mill, and the challenging, and Language Corps offers to put interested parties in contact with present and past participants once an application has been accepted. These teacher stories could also prove valuable to provide perspective if you’re not sure where to go. Finally, there is information for mom and dad if they get nervous.

Check back for more on Language Corps in the near future!