TEFL Course Resources At Bootsnall.com

bna-logo1.gifSeeking more info on TEFL courses? Look just a bit further than the TEFL Logue to Bootsnall.com, specifically, the main TEFL Courses page.

The Bootsnall TEFL Courses page describes the various courses offered through TEFL International, a number of teacher interviews, a giant list of TEFL tips, and an extensive FAQ section.

The Courses
The most in-depth course on offer is a distance MEd. in Tesol program, which is done through a partnership between TEFL International and Burapha University. Also available are the standard four-week intensive TESOL certificate, the TESOL Diploma, and a Foundation Certificate for Teaching Business English (this one is currently only available in Thailand). Most course locations run from Kolkata, India, to Thames, New Zealand, and take place several times a year…meaning whenever you are ready there is a course running somewhere, probably in your location of choice.

Specifically, the TESOL Certificate
The TESOL Certificate course is externally validated and moderated by IATQUO. The price includes “lifetime job placement assistance” – which seems to entail TEFL International making available its contacts with local schools, and use of the local office contacts for TEFL International graduates even years after they finish the course. Most importantly, the course includes over 100 hours of classroom time and a minimum of six hours of observed teaching practice, which are both essential components to being internationally recognized.

The Bootsnall Teacher Interviews
These interviews are an excellent resource for potential EFL teachers to get a wide range of perspectives on different people’s teaching experience in locations from Azerbaijan to Ecuador. These teachers are unanimous in their satisfaction with their choice to go abroad. Perhaps surprisingly, one of the other main conclusions is to point out that EFL is actually a real job. I’d also encourage current EFL teachers to share their experience to help others make the decision to do it (and tell ’em the TEFL Logue sent you!)

The TEFL Tips
Once more this Bootsnall resource is highly useful, with a wide range of areas covered. I can’t say I agree with all of the tips, especially given the “it’s a real job” conclusion drawn by most of the interviewees, but they are nonetheless well worth a read.

For more information, have a look around the Bootsnall TEFL site yourself – or, fill out the application form to get started and request more information.