Top 5: Tips For Getting Through Your TEFL Course

1. Do the work
If you’re hoping for a short cut…there isn’t one. You need to participate in the input sessions, think through lesson plans, and put time and effort into written assignments. Keep things in perspective, of course: a four-week training, intensive or not, is not going to make or break a teacher, but there is a lot to be learned and passing/getting the certificate may mean the difference between being able to have your pick of advertised jobs and being considered qualified for only a few.

2. Keep things in perspective
There it is again, because it’s important. Be aware that you might have to make sacrifices with your social life for the duration of the course: you can’t go out every night and be ready to teach the next day. But at the same time don’t totally deprive yourself of any and all fun. Going out with coursemates, who tend to be fun and interesting people too, is a great way to de-stress.

3. Be receptive to the comments and constructive criticism given by trainers and fellow trainees in the feedback sessions following your teaching.
Trainers are experienced teachers and generally have good intentions; they also have a hand in deciding who passes and fails…so their advice is usually worth at least a try. And your course is your opportunity to get constructive feedback; when you start teaching you will be mostly on your own.

4. Come prepared
If you can observe or volunteer to teach English language classes before you start your course, do it. It will at least mean that the course won’t be the first time you stand up and lead a group of people learning English. If the trainers recommend reading certain books beforehand, make an effort to get ahold of them and do so.

5. Read up on what others have to say about their course., which is maintained by IH Barcelona, includes tips, advice, and stories from trainees on their experience.

Find some general tips from Graham Holliday, author of noodle pie blog.

Finally, English Droid has a humorous but often right on account of how to do a CELTA without tears.