Best Of: A Retrospective Look At The TEFL Logue

first-place-blue-ribbon1.jpgIt’s a new month and time for a look back at the TEFL Logue’s short history. The TEFL Logue has been in action since August 25, 2006 and, not including this post, there have been 423 posts, all but a few of them by yours truly.

While I didn’t make my New Year’s Resolution to make four TEFL Logue posts a day for the month of January, that’s still a lot of posts! And I thought, at a time like this, what better to do than pat myself on the back by sitting as the judge on the committee designated to pick out the best of all time TEFL Logue posts in several categories.

Thanks for your applause and also thanks for bearing with me. If you’re a blogger and you have a couple of your own “best of posts” with categories, please send them to me at tefl_logue at yahoo dot com and if I agree with you or at least find you as cheeky as me, I’ll be happy to link to them here.