Spotlight On Section: Table of Contents

spotlight.jpgIf you’re interested in a particular country, look for a post on it here. Also find links to some regional overviews.

As much as I’d like to be an expert on every country in the world (and, okay, sometimes I pretend I am…), in fact I’m not. What I present in the “Spotlight On…” posts includes my general knowledge about that country, somewhat more specific ideas I’ve gathered either from personal experience, different forms of media, or the web, and links to sites which I think a potential EFL teacher would be interested in. These may include specific message boards, blogs, Bootsnall travel stories, or maybe even other travel stories or information.

I don’t make any pretense of presenting all there is to know about working in a country, and it is of course possible that my impression of a certain country or situation could be wrong. Please use these as guides – know that there are lots of specific questions that you are as likely to find the answer to by searching online as I am – but let me know with a comment if there is a country you would like to see featured.

Spotlight On Vietnam
Spotlight On Spain
Spotlight On The UK (Summer Camps)
Spotlight On Costa Rica
Spotlight On The Czech Republic
Spotlight On Kazakhstan
Spotlight On Thailand (?) and Thailand EFL Outlook
Spotlight On India
Spotlight On Chile
Spotlight On China
Spotlight On Egypt
Spotlight On Sri Lanka – VSO Volunteer
Spotlight On Eritrea – VSO Volunteer
Last Updated July 3, 2007