Students Will Be Students

For anyone not up to speed, I’m recovering from a nasty cold. During a group with two managers – really, two of my favorite people I’ve taught – I excused myself while they were reading a text to…well…deal with my nose privately.

When I returned, I found one of my students hard at work, and the other socializing with a coworker in the main room. It just struck me as funny that in adult in her position (quite high ranking), paying for two one-hour lessons a week, reverted to such a typical student role of running out of the room to talk with a friend when the teacher left the room. When I returned she immediately told me no, she hadn’t finished, so just went back to reading – as if I needed to be there to supervise the reading and keep her in line.

I should point out again –these are great people and I tell this story because it was amusing; not to complain. I think that it can sometimes present a challenge when adults are put back into the role of students – they feel a little awkward and don’t know how to act, especially if the teacher is much younger. But in this case I have adults who occasionally are quite happy to slip back into their schoolday mode.