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The 420,000 Days Of Christmas

None of that twelve days business here at the TEFL Logue. To round out the year, here are a few numerical links. What does 420,000 stand for? I’m taking guesses as comments – once I get a few creative ones, I’ll give a clue!

And then we have

  • 1 article on making money blogging (Without being a real blogger who has done things from scratch, my take is: it’s probably not as hard as you think to make money with a blog, but I suspect it depends more than this article leads you to believe on what you blog about….how much people are searching for that…how many others are blogging about that … how well you know how to use the right keywords and how good you are at combining those keywords with genuinely good content. The Daily Kimchi had a few words to say about this theme too.)
  • 6 months of TeflTastic, where Alex Case is thanking people such as his hairdresser, and oh yeah, thanking me too!
  • 8 differences between a British and Brazilian Christmas
  • 10 years before EFL Geek scored an oven to cook his holiday Turkey dinner in.
  • 13 “Best of” posts from 2007 courtesy of Larry Ferlazzo’s Website of the Day Blog.
  • 16-18 weeks for the FBI Certificate of No Criminal Record, which may or may not be needed in Korea for US citizens. See my tips about this criminal record check too.
  • 46 separate forums at Dave’s ESL Cafe, excluding the eight Korea forums.
  • 629 comments on the TEFL Logue.

  • 4246 spam comments caught (since when, I’m not sure) including one which attempted this fine line as flattery: Hopefully you will keep droping those little gems of advice that i just love to gobble up.

If I were not too full from all of my holiday celebrations, and especially if you were pre-intermediate or intermediate students dealing with numbers, I would probably separate the numbers from the sentences. I’d then give one person a mixed-up list of the numbers, and their partner a list of the sentences, and they’d have to work together without looking at each others’ lists to figure out which was which.

Ideas on the 420,000?