ESL/EFL Interviews: Table Of Contents

meandpaul1.jpgIf you want to get a taste of TEFL in some different locations, what’s better than checking out an interview with someone who’s working there now or worked there previously. Note that several interviews have two parts; the link to the second is found at the end of the first.
Blogosphere: Interview With EFL Geek
Blogosphere: Interview With Sean Banville Of Breaking News English
Korea/The Blogosphere: Interview With “Gdog” Of The Daily Kimchi
Korea: Korea TEFL Tips from “Mike” , “Mike”‘s Interview, “Mike”’s Update Interview
Korea: The Hermit Kingdon: TEFL’s Largest Single Job Market (by TedKarma)
Japan: Interview With A Former EFL Teacher/Current Attorney At Law
Japan: Interview With A JET Program Participant
China: Resource Video: Daily Life Of An English Teacher In China

Sri Lanka: “Why Are You Outstanding”: A Former VSO Volunteer’s Account
Saudi Arabia: Teaching English In Saudi Arabia (by TedKarma)
Turkey: A Turkish TEFL Adventure: Interview With Richard
Kazakhstan: Interview With A Former Peace Corps Volunteer In Kazakhstan
Kyrgyzstan: Interview With A Peace Corps Volunteer: Training
Interview With A Peace Corps Volunteer In Kyrgyzstan Part 2 and <a href=" Part 3: Returning Home
Italy: The Quiet Student, Or Interview With A School Owner: Sue Of ELT Notebook
Hungary: A Typical Day Teaching In Budapest
Bosnia Herzegovina: A Typical Day Teaching In Sarajevo
Czech Republic: Interview With Nick In Prague
USA: Interview With Jessie, An Italian Language Teacher
Teaching In Chicago And Japan, A Profile Of Mary
USA: Interview With Christine Kenny, Non-Profit ESL Teacher In Chicago
Texas, USA: Interview With Amy, Alternative School English Teacher
Puerto Rico: Interview With Maggie, A Former Sapientis Teacher In Puerto Rico
Chile: Interview With Thom Kiddle, DELTA Grad
Mexico: Interview With An EFL Teacher In Mexico
Also check out ELT Notebook’s “Another Day In The Life Of…”section, which includes accounts of teaching in Malaysia, Sardinia (Italy), South Korea, Osaka (Japan), and, ahem, Sarajevo, Bosnia.
Interview With Podcasts In English Creators

Non-Location-Specific Interviews
Interview With A Recent TEFL Course Graduate, Kineta In Wisconsin
Interview With Kate, Recent Trinity Cert TESOL Graduate In England
Interview With Hilal, Recent CELTA Graduate In Istanbul

Interview With A TEFL Go-Getter: Grammarman Creator Brian Boyd
Online Courses: One TEFL-ers Experience
On Being A Teacher Trainer (By TedKarma)
Interview With Jed Willard Of LanguageCorps
Interview With A School Owner: What Do Employers Look For When Hiring EFL Teachers
Interview With A Soon-To-Be TEFLer

Last Updated July 3, 2007