Table Of Contents: Grammarman Resources

In case you hadn’t noticed, I think is an excellent resource; it features a number of innovative and motivating games and activities as well as links to other comics sites.

As there is no Grammarman category at the TEFL Logue just yet, here is a table of contents of Grammar posts:

Interview With Grammarman Creater Brian Boyd

TEFL Logue Review: Grammarman, now available at YouTube

Webquest At Get Your EFL Students To CreateTheir Own Comics and see some other student comics at the Webquest Update.

Grammerman One, Two, Three, Four and Five YouTube Videos (get the TEFL Logue’s commentary in each post)

Additional Resources from Grammarman:
Shrek At Grammarman Comic
Specially Adapted Road Runner Cartoons
Grammarman Update With Archie Comics
Grammarman Update With Captain Spectre Comics
Elementary Level E-Book At Grammermancomic
Shrek At Grammarmancomic
Complete The King Wrong Comic

Last Updated July 3, 2007