Finding A Job: Table Of Contents

Profiles of Countries or Employers

Working For A Chain
Working For A Chain: Westgate In Japan
Working For A Chain: English First
Working For A Chain: Berlitz
Working For A Chain: International House
Working For A Chain: NOVA In Japan
Working For A Chain: AEON In Japan
EPIK In Korea
Interact In Japan
TEFL Logue Review: Travel To Teach
Working In Asia: An Overview
Working In Europe: An Overview
Working In Latin America: An Overview
Teach In Puerto Rico With Sapientis
Teaching English In Saudi Arabia
The Hermit Kingdom: TEFL’s Largest Single Job Market
Volunteer Resource: The Peace Corps
Volunteer Resource: VSO
The JET Program

See also the Spotlight On Section Table Of Contents

Climbing The Ladder

TEFL Career Advancement
Branching Out: Other Work For EFL Teachers
Teaching Privately
Becoming An Examiner
Becoming A TOEIC Rater
Branching Out From EFL With Proofreading Work
Branching Out: ESL Writing And Blogging
TEFL In International Schools
Getting Licensed In Your Own State, Interview With Tracy Ann
What A Business Degree (And Experience) Can Do For You In TEFL
Why Go To Grad School?


Introducing LanguageCorps
More On LanguageCorps: Cool Feature No.1
Cool Feature Of LanguageCorps No.2
Cool Feature Of LanguageCorps No.3
Interview With Jed Willard Of LanguageCorps

Common Questions

What If I Don’t Get Paid? (and The Case Of Teacher X: Late Pay)
Interview With A School Owner: What Do Employers Look For When Hiring EFL Teachers?
Does My Age Matter (If I’m Not-So-Young)?
Does My Age Matter (If I’m Young)?
Does Your Accent Matter?
Is It Looks That Count?
What Can You Gain From TEFL?
Where Might You Fit In Best In TEFL (By TedKarma)
Should I Use A TEFL Recruiter – Are They All Crooks? (By TedKarma)
Is Teaching English Overseas A Real Job? (By TedKarma)
Should I Teach ESL In My Own Country?
Questions To Ask At An Interview: The Master List
Should I Ask For Support At An Interview?
Morning Or Night?
What Can You Do If Your School Treats You Badly?
Other Jobs Abroad: How Does TEFL Stack Up?
Should I Post My Resume For EFL Jobs?

Top 10/Top 5

Top 10 Peace Corps Blogs And Other Resources
Top 10: Cities To Work In If You Fancy A Bustling Metropolis
Top 10: Countries To Work In If You Love The Sun
Top 5: Destinations For Saving Money

Bootsnall Job Site
ESL Job Feed
Top 5: Tips For Assessing Job Postings
Thoughts On A Job Post Part 1, Part 2, (Part 3) , Part 4, Part 5, Installment 6, Part 7, 8 and 9, 10, 11 and 12
TEFL Watchdog Sites
Signs Of A Good School and Part 2

Signs of A Bad School
Certificate Of No Criminal Record For TEFL
Sending Documents Home And Back
Dealing With Your Boss
The Decision To Use A Placement Organization
Emerging Trend: Workplace English In The US
Emerging Trend: Split Shifts
Online Resource: The British Council
“Under The Table”
More on “Under The Table Jobs” and still more
The TEFL Interview
Should I Pay To Be A Volunteer English Teacher? Well, Yes
Should I Pay To Be A Volunteer English Teacher? Not So Much
How To Find A Job: The Basics
Finding A TEFL Job The Old Fashioned Way
Choosing Your Location
Work Permits
Adventures In Bureaucracy
Resource: Teaching English Abroad, 7th Edition
Online TEFL Forums
Korea TEFL Tips From “Mike”
On Taking Responsibility, From The Korea Times
Is It Looks That Count?
University Degree Requirements For EFL Teachers
Daily Dose: TEFL Job Boards
Daily Dose: Job Boards Revisited
ESL Job Sites (For Jobs In English-Speaking Countries)

Last Updated July 3, 2007