In The Classroom (Classroom Management, Tips, and Other Stuff): Table of Contents

Find links to posts on classroom management, general tips and advice for the class, and other stories here. Actual classroom activities remain in the original In The Classroom Table Of Contents.

Classroom Management / General Teaching Tips
Practical Teaching Tips
Classroom Management Tips For Kids
First Classes
Teaching My First Class
Mindmaps From ESL Lesson Plan
Remembering Students’ Names
Speaking Skills: The Why And The How, Paul Bresson In MET

Using Games In Class:Pros And Cons
“Touchy Feely” Speaking Activities
Drama In The Teachers’ Room
Lesson Plans: Tips For New Teachers
Teaching Listening: What To Do About Boring CDs And Cassettes
What If I Make A Mistake?

How Much Of Yourself To Share?

What Should I Tell My Students About My Training?

Teaching Business English
English Only
Translation In The TEFL Classroom
TEFL Classroom Activities: You Must Believe
Dealing With Dominant Students
TEFL Tip: Setting Time Limits
Incorporating Different Learning Styles
Tips For Teaching Lower Levels

The Quiet Student (Or, Interview With A School Owner: Sue Of ELT Notebook)
Interview With Jessie, An Italian Language Teacher, Part 1
Interview With Jessie, An Italian Language Teacher, Part 2
Should I Speak My Students’ Language?
Recycling Classroom Activities
Teaching In A Post-Conflict Country
Tips For Teaching Grammar
Drilling With Modern English Teacher
Why I Don’t Do No So Much Corrections
How Closely Should You Follow A Textbook?
Time Management In The Classroom
Spelling: Does It Matter?
Is This A Concept Check Question?
Concept Check Questions From Modern English Teacher
Guided Discovery: What’s That?
Insight on TPR From An ELT Notebook And ESL Teacher Talk
TEFL Tests: Assessment On ESL Teacher Talk
Student Motivation
Classroom Management Tip: Grading Your Language
Boardwork Tips And Ideas
Teaching Advanced Classes
Sharing Classes
The Student Who Didn’t Pass
Dictionaries In The TEFL Classroom – Bilingual or Monolingual?
Pronunciation: How Much Time?
Teachers’ Meetings: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly


Daily Dose: TEFL Blogs
Top 10: EFL Language School Realities
Teacher Bloopers: Part 1
Teacher Bloopers: Part 2
Holidays While TEFL-ing: Part 2
Is TEFL Just Entertainment?
Does Teaching English Mean Teaching Culture?
How Should EFL Teachers Deal With Stereotypes?
Teaching Kids…
Teaching Kids Again…
Sometimes You Feel Like A “Hostess”, Sometimes You Don’t
Challenging Students: The Sisters
Online Gambling As A TEFL Conversation Topic
Is The Communicative Method Overrated?
Dueling Coursebooks: The Headway/Cutting Edge Debate
Get YOUR Class To Participate In A Culture Share
Placement Tests For EFL Classes
Just What Kind Of Cheating Are You Talking About?
Does My Age Matter (If I’m Young)?
See Grammarman In Action At YouTube
Class Size
Military English
Cool People I’ve Met Via TEFL: A Bosnian Businessman
Teaching Privately
Teaching One to One Lessons (by Tedkarma)
One to One TEFL Students – How Much Control To Give Them
TEFL (Dis)Organization
A Bizarre TEFL Experience
Online (And Print) Resource: English Teaching Professional
Laptops For Little Kids In Libya
Innovative Papercutting Method
On Conserving Paper
On Observations
Drawing For ESL/EFL Teachers
Video Games In The Classroom
Grammar On The Move, From Modern English Teacher
English Nicknames
What’s The Draw Of Native Speaker ESL Teachers?
Emerging Trend: Smile, You’re On EFL Camera
Video Games In The Classroom
Learning From Laughter, From The Guardian
The Class Heckler
Nine Myths About Language Learning From The Yemen Observer
That Elusive Tapescript

Last Updated July 3, 2007