In The Classroom: Table Of Contents

This will remain the table of contents for Classroom Activities – see In The Classroom (Classroom Management, Tips, and Other Stuff) for things like… classroom management, tips, and other stuff.

Classroom Activities
Top 10 TEFL Games And Speaking Activities
Paperless Lessons
Speaking Activities
First Meeting Activity: Two Questions
ESL Speaking Activity: Two Fun Roleplays

Find Someone Who: Classic TEFL Speaking Activity
TEFL Word Game: Taboo
TEFL Classroom Games: Hide A Word

Who Am I? Speaking Activity And Warmer
Speaking Activity: Auxiliary Police
ESL Storytelling
Speaking Activity: Showing Interest
Recording Your Students
Classroom Activity: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me
Classroom Activities: Practicing Spelling Aloud
Telephone Conversations: Practicing In The Classroom
TEFL Classroom Activities: Giving Directions
Everybody Loves Movies
TV In The Classroom: Friends
Movies In The Classroom: Write The Dialog
Webquest At Get Your Students To Create Their Own Comics
Using Movies In Class…Without Sound?
TEFL Games
Games Using The Whiteboard
Games In The Classroom
Guessing Games
Fun With Famous Quotes
Using Songs In Class
TEFL Warmers: Short Activities To Start Class
Jigsaw Activities
Teaching Writing: Tips For Making It Fun
Teaching Reading
Using Current Fiction In Class
Reading: Why Students Really DON’T Need To Understand Every Word
Urban Legends Reading Race: Halloween Lesson Plan
TEFL Humor: Reading Satire In Class
Writing Activities From “The Spoof”
Teaching Listening
Teaching Pronunciation
European Day Of Languages…And Tongue Twisters
Teaching Exam Prep
Debate Class
How To Choose Debate Topics
The Great Globalization Debate
TEFL Debate Topics
Your Favorite English Word
Poetry In Class?!
Vocabulary Activity
Advanced ESL/EFL Vocabulary: Euphemisms
One To One Tips For TEFLers
ESL Vocabulary Revision For One-to-One Students
Class Revision Activities
Using Dictionaries In Class
Classroom Activity: Call My Bluff
Classroom Activity: Alibi
TEFL Classroom Activity: Modal Verb Guessing Game
Teach An EFL Teacher To Fish: Classroom Activities For Teaching Proverbs
TEFL Classroom Activity: Practicing The Past Simple In Speech
Jokes In Class
Fun And Delicious Communicative Activity: The Recipe Forum
Teaching Grammar: Assuming Another Identity To Practice Forms
Correct-the-mistake Activities
Fun With ESL Grammar: The Grammar Auction

Last updated July 3, 2007